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Loyalty program based on face recognition / computer vision technology



Sales / Distribution / Retail





Project summary

Imagine that you come to your favorite restaurant, there you are met by a waiter who knows your name, your favorite dish and your favorite beer. At the end of the dinner, he tells you that during the last dinner you accumulated 100 points and today you can take advantage of a discount or even not pay the bill at all.

And at the same time, you do not have any plastic loyalty cards of this restaurant with you, they just know you by sight.


This system is applicable to restaurants, fitness, gas stations, as well as to any business with a relatively large share of regular customers and for which the availability of customer retention programs and loyalty programs is relevant.

We are looking for a founder in this project who is ready to take on the role of CEO

Main criteria:

Energy and sociability

Business experience in management positions or having connections in these areas would be a great plus (but is critical).

Motivation to create a startup and bring it to the global market.

Having the opportunity to devote maximum of your time and energy to the development of a startup. And if necessary, go abroad for 1-4 months to undergo acceleration / incubation programs.

Looking for a partner


Analyzing the market and competitors, creating a pitch deck, presenting the project to investors, there is glass and do everything that is possible (and impossible) to achieve the goal

Expected abilities

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