What are bepartner packages and what are the benefits of paid packages?

What are bepartner packages and what are the benefits of paid packages?

When you place your enquiry on the bepartner business partner search website, you can choose custom packages. There are three types of packages: Basic, Standard and Premium. By default you have a Basic package. If you purchase the Standard or Premium packages, you get additional features which enable you to effectively conduct business partner searches. You can compare the prices and options of the packages in your personal client cabinet in section "Change tariff" or in the preview mode when publishing the project.


  • ✅ up to 5 investor contacts
  • ❌ extended display of projects
  • ❌ priority in the catalogue of projects
  • ❌ possibility of verification of projects to be promoted to the top


  • ✅ unlimited number of contacts
  • ✅ expanded project display
  • ✅ priority in the project directory
  • ✅ ability to verify projects to be promoted to the top.


  • ✅ unlimited number of contacts
  • ✅ extended display of the project
  • ✅ assistance in project development
  • ✅ ability to rise to the top projects verified

How to get paid packages

According to our statistics, projects in Standard package have 3-4 times more views than Basic, and Premium - 7-8 times more, respectively, with a higher percentage of contacts. The success of contacts depends on the quality of the project itself and its description. Well-designed projects receive 1-2 partnership offers daily. So take the time and attention to describe the project well. From there it is a matter of personal acquaintance and mutual expectations



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