Sell your business by increasing its value

Sell your business by increasing its value

Why know the value of your business?

  • track growth and momentum;
  • evidence of positive change;
  • to attract investment in your business;
  • to find a business partner;
  • if you want to sell your business;

What is the current value of your business?

Identify the following indicators:

  • sales figures;
  • key growth areas;
  • financial projections;
  • assets.

One of the key indicators of a successful small business is knowing your niche. If you've identified your target audience, you know the marketing and advertising strategies that help you reach your goal.

Often trying to cover more than one niche proves to be a failure. Focus on your strengths and work with the part of the market that understands your value.

Attract different customers from different sales channels.

Diversity of your customers should not deter your core customer base, but will increase your cash flow.

If you have a small circle of customers and you are planning to sell your small business, a change of ownership may discourage customers. So try to expand your customer base so you don't make a potential buyer or business partner uneasy.

Don't neglect customer service.

Retaining existing customers is very important, make sure your customers are happy. Communicate with them, ask questions and document answers to assess their needs and adjust strategies.

If you always keep the value of your business in mind, it will really help you find an investor or buyer for the business, if necessary.

We'll cover methods of estimating business value in the next article. Don't miss out, read the blog of the business partner search service bepartner.


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