How to get your business idea off the ground with bepartner

How to get your business idea off the ground with bepartner

What is a bepartner

The bepartner platform was created so that entrepreneurs from all over the world can get to know each other and become business partners.

The bepartner platform is a convenient service for specialists from various fields, start-ups, experienced and experienced businesspeople, investors and business angels. Simply put, bepartner is a tinderbox for entrepreneurs:)

How it works On the platform you can create your profile and fill in profiles of a specialist or investor, add your business project.

There are no templates to fill in, and you can describe your strengths and your business idea as you see fit, and we have also prepared some guidelines for describing a business project on the bepartner business partner search service. If you are struggling, the team of experts will be happy to help you with the description.

The platform has a convenient filter search, you can choose a project or business partner according to the following parameters

  • location;
  • project stage;
  • industry;
  • budget;
  • duration of work;
  • features

There are three types of custom Service Packages on the platform:

  • Basic (default);
  • Standard;
  • Premium;
  • Read more about them here.

Alexey Artemov, the founder of the project "your cool teritorium druku Klik print area" used the paid Premium Package, found an investor and brought his idea to life: "Thanks to your portal we found an investor and have already started to implement the project to open our facilities "your cool teritorium druku Klik print area".

First, I wanted to thank you.

And the second, to say that everything is possible and we should not wait, but act. Here are our two islands and we will not stop there."

Don't wait, sign up for the bepartner service, implement your ideas.


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